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Arrival Procedure

N 40°57’46’’ E 28°39’49’’

VHF 72

What you need to know


West İstanbul Marina is available 24h and must be contacted via VHF before arrival and prior to departure. Upon arrival, please provide the following information:

* Vessel name

* Vessel length,beam and depth
* Last port of call (if arriving from a foreign port,see customs and immigration section)


The entrance to the marina is marked with red and green lights  on the breakwaters. Please wait for mooring assistance before entering the marina.


All berths are equipped with mooring lines and anchoring is not allowed within the marina.


Pilotage is compulsory for all boats of over 1000 GT (gross tonnes) The Pilot may be organised through our Mooring assistance team and the Pilot boarding station is on the entrance of the bay (for arrivals).



West Istanbul Marina, is among the most secure marinas in the region today and with on-going investments and structuring. 

*24/7 CCTV System & Security. Closed circuit television surveillance and monitoring of the premises by the marina security staff, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

*Berthing docks and pontoons are accessible with electronic card controlled gates under security staff controls.

*Safety and Fire Fighting Equipment

*Fire Detection and Warning System.

Useful Information

West Istanbul Marina is the first and the only marina-harbour in Istanbul and in the Sea of Marmara with a customs gate “Marmara Port Of Entry” on its territory. Foreign nationals can enter the country of Türkiye at West Istanbul Marina. The registration procedure has become faster and easier than ever. 

To enter the country from our marina, make sure you have all the required paperwork in advance. Entry is controlled by government officials of the Republic of Türkiye. Our marina is not responsbile for entry denial.

Once you arrive.

Upon arrival at West Istanbul Marina you will need to report to the reception desk and present the following documents:

Turkish flagged yachts

1. Certificate of registry

2. Third Party Liability Insurance

3. Yacht Owner's ID / Authorised Person's ID together with notarized power of attorney .

Foreign flagged yachts

1. Certificate of registry

2. Transit log

3. Third Party Liability Insurance

4. Yacht Owner's ID / Authorised Person's ID (notarized power of attorney preferable)


How things work

At the reception desk, you'll receive an Access Card that will grant you entry to the various parts of the marina reserved for authorised persons to use the facilities on site.

You will need to swipe the card at every gate.

Areas you can access:

1. West Istanbul Marina Reception Desk 

2. Bathrooms & Shower

3. Laundry Room

4. Baby Changing station

5. Docking stations

6. Boatyard (if you have a valid Boatyard contract for Yacht Maintenance & Repair)

7. WestLife cafeteria (you can use your Access Card like a debit card to pay for your meal)

Our docks consist of 11 aluminum mooring pontoons equipped with service pedestals for boats that supply electricity and water. You'll need an Access card to use these and payment must be made in advance.

To view our Code of Conduct, click here.

To learn more about our services, 

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