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Original plans to develop the property as a marina and recreational facilities were approved on March 15th 1996. The first version of the Project dates back to 1998.


On December 21st 2006, Enelka Taahhüt İmalat ve Ticaret Ltd., a company with 100% Polish capital signed a contract with the Government of the Republic of Turkey to build, operate and transfer (BOT) a marina complex in the coastal waters of Istanbul.


Geological & geophysical reports have been obtained

Relevant EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment), hydrographic, oceanographic, geological and geophysical reports have been obtained for the revised marina Project.


The original plans included a single breakwater on the eastern section of the project area.Later plans were revised to include a second breakwater on the western waters of the project area, which would result in increased capacity, allowing mega-yachts to use the marina and provide space for additional land and water-based facilities and services. Enelka requested planning permission for the western breakwater in December 2007.

By 15 December 2010 all approvals for the plans had been obtained from the Ministry of Public Works and Settlement and Ministry of Transportation.

On 2nd May 2011 Enelka signed a contract to build the western breakwater and operate it for 45 years, which allowed the company to obtain building rights from the local municipality, thus ensuring the project’s completion.


The Project includes construction of breakwaters, berths, pontoons, pilings, dry berths, a racking system for small boats as well as buildings for a wide range of facilities and services and the infrastructure required for such services. Structures on the sea required to make the marina operational were finalized in September 2012. The marina was readily equipped with all machines and devices necessary to start operation, including the employment of operating staff.Today the marina offers an abundance of services and facilities including cafés, restaurants, a sailing school, beach, sports facilities, swimming pool, yachting club, tennis court etc.


The marina is constantly evolving and adjusting to meet our clients’ needs. We have since created additional hangars to provide service to several mega yachts at the same time and we continuously work towards achieving excellence in all aspects of the business.

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