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Fishing Speedboat

West Istanbul Marina aspires to become the number one marina in Istanbul by attracting yachters and marine enthusiasts with its exceptional services and welcoming atmosphere. We envision a nature-friendly space that will be the go-to destination for people of all ages and backgrounds, whether yacht owners or individuals who simply enjoy a good meal and drink with a view of the sea. We hope to create an environment that will make our customers feel as if they are on a never-ending vacation.


Our mission is to offer the highest quality of service to our customers with comfortable mooring conditions, large on-land parking, maintenance services and refitting provided to you by our dedicated and experienced staff. With our 700 ton Travel Lift, and the only port of entry with a customs gate in Istanbul, we strive to be the main point for maintenance among yacht owners in Turkey and overseas. We also wish to promote yachting by encouraging the youth to explore this beautiful sport at our sailing school. Lastly, we want to attract people with our selection of restaurants, bars and cafes offering a wide range of cuisines and entertainment.



   Fully complying with the obligations imposed on our organization by both international and national legislation on Occupational Health and Safety and the Environment,

  • Ensuring that employees receive training for their continuous development, and raising professional awareness,

  • Establishing an effective solution process regarding the requests and complaints of our customers, and reaching more people through our focus on continuously improving ‘Customer Satisfaction’ with the help of our trained and experienced staff,

  • Evaluating customer complaints transparently, impartially with an emphasis on customer satisfaction in a confidential manner,

  • sing energy, raw materials and natural resources in the most efficient way,

  • Setting an example for the marine sector in terms of human health and environmental awareness by using the latest technology that poses no harm to human health or to the environment.

  • Ensuring sustainable OHS and waste management in our organization, working to increase OHS and environmental awareness, ensuring that OHS and environmental awareness is adopted as a life philosophy by our employees, stakeholders, suppliers and guests,

  • Detecting and eliminating factors that may cause work accidents, occupational diseases and environmental pollution in the marina in advance to prevent such incidents,

  • In fulfilling our responsibilities regarding Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety and Customer Satisfaction; determining the objectives of the systems periodically, realizing said objectives and reviewing them regularly and ensuring standards are met ongoinly, ensuring the continuous improvement of the Integrated Management System,

  • Evaluating suggestions, providing feedback, taking preventive measures, creating a common safety culture in business life and society with the participation of employees of all ranks,

  • Ensuring that the personal data of employees, customers, business partners, subcontractors, visitors and other third parties are recorded by the data processor with the use of all types of technical and administrative measures in accordance with Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data.


Our Marina will systematically reassess the compliance and continuity of the established ISO 9001 Quality Management, ISO 14001 Environment, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety and 10002 Customer Satisfaction Systems in line with its objectives and goals, and will continuously improve its effectiveness.

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