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Tirilye is 35 nautical miles from West Istanbul Marina

The village of Tirilye (or Trilye) is 12 kilometers west of Mudanya. Originally a Greek port village dating a back to 500 BC, the town is also known by its Turkish name, Zeytinbağı (“olive yard”), a name that pays tribute to the olive orchards that blanket the hillsides surrounding the village. It is worth paying attention to the historic houses of Tirilye, it is a symbol that challenges the centuries. Houses in the bay take breath with their beauty. Most of the houses that are examples of Greek architecture are saturated with the smell of seafood, just enlighten your soul. Do not forget to visit the port of Tirilye, where fish restaurants are lined side by side, attracting visitors by colorful paints and signboards. The most attractive place for local and foreign tourists is a stone school – Tash Mektep, built in 1909 year.

At 5 km far from Tirilye in the Moudania area you can find the monastery of St.Yani. Passing through olive groves and fields of sunflower, a dirt road leads to this monastery. The view of monastery  will be more colorful if you will look on it from the sea. The monastery lies in ruins right now. 

Monastic Church, Arched Church, Tirilye Beach and Chamla Cafe are the main places to be seen in these area

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